If you haven’t visited the “About Us” page of our website yet, I highly recommend that you go give it a look. However finish reading this blog first! At one point in the about us page we mention the fact that Big Bear is 100% American Made. Why does this even matter anymore? Should it matter to you as a consumer? Yes or at least I would hope so. According to ABC News 60% of the things you purchase today are made over seas. At Big Bear we do not want to fall into that 60%. When you get a shipment from Big Bear the first thing you see on the box is the “Made in the USA” stamp. What that means to us is that the product you are about to open is and was made to the highest standard. Sending a product over seas is a shot in the dark, you never get to ensure that the product is being treated right in any step of the process. When you make a product in the USA at least at Big Bear and MMP you can rest assured that this piece no matter how big or small has been handled the correct way and inspected as it passes through our shop. So next time you open a Big Bear box take a second read the Made in America sticker and think, does this matter to me?