Let me start by welcoming you to our new and improved website! Now let me give you some background regarding the change in ownership of Big Bear Enterprises. In June of 2015 the deal between Modern Metal Products of Owatonna Minnesota and Big Bear Enterprises of Oakdale Minnesota was finalized. Now let me get you caught up on who I am. My name isn’t important but I work at Modern Metal Products (otherwise referred to as MMP) and I have been assigned to help deal with this merger of the two great companies. We here at MMP have been in business for 90 years! That is all thanks to our attention to quality and making sure we put out our very best. Like I said Modern Metal Products acquired Big Bear back in June, and you may be wondering why you haven’t heard about this until now? Like I said MMP has always believed in putting only the best out for people to see. So when we got Big Bear we right off the bat decided that we needed to clean some things up, for example this website and other stuff you as a past customer will notice. To things behind the scenes like numbering systems and a better way to ensure quality of the Big Bear parts. Believe me many tireless hours went into this merger and we are proud to finally come out and say Big Bear by MMP is now “open for business” even though we never technically stopped serving the customers. I know you are probably wondering what changes will come with this change. The answer to that is simple, a better, smoother ordering process and as we go along shorter lead times. You can also expect a top quality product every time you order due to the fact that our products are inspected many, many times over its journey though the shop. Also I am not allowed to say too much but do expect some new and improved products coming out of R&D soon! You could say everything that is changing will end up being a benefit, we don’t plan on cutting the product your company has ordered for years, or marking up prices to pad the margins. We plan on making this a company you look forward to placing an order with and only changing for the best.  So to wrap this up, this will be the last time I refer to MMP so heavily in a blog. I don’t mean to sound like I am plugging this to get you over to www.modern-metal .com to buy from us too, I just wanted you to know the MMP behind the “Big Bear by MMP”. We are here to make your life as a customer easier and more enjoyable. And on behalf of the MMP team, hello, welcome and we look forward to your business!