Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but also one of my least favorite. I like the colors the leaves make when they change and fall, but also dislike how they blow into my garage and shop. I am also a fan of the cool temperatures. But that is also a sign to break out the shovels and set them next to the rakes I use to rake my yard, or the next to the broom in my shop to clear out the leaves. Though I love fall, I don’t love the cluttered and messy garage and shop it brings out. Thankfully I have Mega Peg boards. Now I am not trying to make a cheesy sales pitch, and trust me I know I am bias. However, I truly think Mega Peg boards are a life saver for anyone who can see where I am coming from. Unlike most wooden pegboards, ours will not rot or lose their strength. Our Mega Peg boards are made from a heavy but light weight steel and powder coated white for a clean and eye catching appearance. But you don’t need to take it from me, call in and start with just one board. Then when you figure out how much grief they save you get some more.