In 1980 a machine shop in a northern suburb of Minneapolis noticed an issue. Some of their tools over time had gathered scrapes, scratches, and other wear. At first, they did not think much of it. Well as time passed they noticed that some parts were turning out and not meeting quality checks or worse, measurement checks. Naturally, they looked into the problem and noticed that it was from the damaged tooling. More specifically from miss handling and damage while not in a machine.

They decided they no longer wanted to replace tools as frequently as they were. They knew they needed another solution. So what did they come up with? Big Bear of course. It was from this common problem all shops experience that we became a company. So many companies do not store their tooling properly. And we are not just talking to the CNC shops, no. This is a common problem in auto maintenance shops, utility vans and things like them. You have to protect your tooling in every industry.

So when you buy any of Big Bears storage solutions you can rest assured that this equipment was developed and manufactured by people just like you. We know exactly what problems are out on the shop floor or in the field, no guessing here. However, if you ever have a suggestion for us make our phone ring.